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many different Userpics,Colourbars and etc WELCOME
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about my community
Hi, my name is Uljana. In this community I post userpics and other stuff made by me in spare time or between lectures (:
I don't own most of pictures, which I use, but I want you to respect their authors.
some rules
all userpics are SHARE
Please CREDIT I will be grateful if you will write "made by just_userpics" in userpicture's comment. That's how you can do it:
if you take some userpic please write a COMMENT.
also you can write your opinion about my works, it would be nice to read them.
Don't claim these icons as yours and don't modify them.
You will find in the TAGS a complete archive of all icons I've made.
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Some Useful Places
peaces_icons, 100x100_brushes, icon_textures, beat_of_art, erniemay
actors's and movies's photos, which I use for icons are from kinopoisk.ru